Katy Schneider

I came across Katy Schneider’s website a while back and wanted to pass it along.
I don’t know her… So I can’t say much about her…

But her paintings, especially the interior/figurative work, are quite wonderful.

Mostly autobiographical family portraits, they have a lovely spontaneity about them. Painted in a kind of short-hand, most things seem abbreviated or condensed down to the essential spots of color.  These small paintings create a visual journal of her life as a mother and painter. Nothing seems contrived or too elaborately composed, lending a sense of candor not often seen in picture making.                            www.katyschneider.com

She mentions recently illustrating a couple of children’s books… Once I Ate a Pie, and Painting in the Wind. But most of the paintings on her website are more than 10 years old.
I’d hate to think she’s not painting anymore… Hopefully the selection is just out-of-date.
(I know how that goes – and I’m not busy with children!)

Evidently I was too distracted by her beautiful paintings to notice that Katy has several shows coming up. The Wistariahurst Museum in Hartford CT (June 2012), and The Washington Art Association in Washington Depot, CT (September 2012).

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  1. 12:54 pm, July 7, 2012Luis Colan  / Reply

    thank you for sharing her site, it’s always great to find out about new artists and their work. Loving your paintings a well!


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