Vermeer in Progress

This is a photo taken while working on The Last Judgement painting in the background of Vermeer’s Woman Holding a Balance. (And please keep in mind that everything in my painting is still very much in progress at this point.) As I’ve mentioned previously, working from reproductions is difficult because you don’t know which one is accurate. Vermeer's Lady Holding a Balance, trompe l'oeil in progress by Thomas ConwayWhen I started this series I decided to simply pick whichever version I thought looked best. Since I haven’t seen these paintings in person, that was really the only option.

A helpful trick, I’ve found, is to use a few different reproductions, each with varying contrast. Some pictures being lighter than others gives me the most information possible. I figure, if the reproduction can pick up details in one version which are absent in another– clearly, those details are present in the painting. Though they may exist only subtly in my finished painting, I feel that their presence lends a sort of authenticity which would otherwise be missed.

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  1. 9:51 am, September 9, 2011Mariana  / Reply

    Vermeer! Quite a challenge.
    Great job so far. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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