Brushes (a retraction)

I previously recommended two brushes, Blick’s Master Kolinsky Sable and Dynasty’s Mongolian Sable. While I still very much enjoy Blick’s Master series, the Dynasty brushes are not what they appeared to be.

Dynasty Mongolian Sable

Dynasty Mongolian Sable: New vs. Two months of use

Dynasty’s Mongolian Sables are nowhere near the quality of Blick’s Master series both in terms of longevity and consistency. The Dynasty brushes began to shed pretty severely after only a few weeks of use. Because the brushes performed well initially, I ordered more (before they started falling apart). The new shipment, five brushes of the same size, was wildly irregular. Each brush was a different length– both in terms of hair and handle –and some of them were slightly bent at the ferrule in such a way that they that they were only usable on one side.

Fortunately, Dick Blick‘s customer service being what it is (amazing), they replaced the whole order. Unfortunately, the new brushes were no different.

I apologize to anyone who may have purchased these brushes on my recommendation, hopefully you have better luck with them than I did. But I’m happy to report continued satisfaction with Blick’s Master Series. I have several of the sables, which are excellent, and I picked up a few of their synthetics which quickly replaced the Dynastys.

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