Cupid, in progress

Trompe L'oeil in progress by Thomas ConwayThis is a small 12 x 12″ trompe l’oeil of Caravaggio’s ‘Sleeping Cupid.’ These pictures were taken on two consecutive days. The first picture (with the full painting and the reference photo above), shows the warm base color for the flesh. Once dry, abbreviated lights are laid, as seen in the second picture. The next session will be glazing (correcting color) and restating the lights. A few corrections remain (I forgot the bellybutton) but that’s the gist of the technique I’ve been using for the Caravaggio paintings. I find it to be pretty effective at capturing something close to the luminous effect of the originals.

Trompe L'oeil painting (in progress) by Thomas Kenneth ConwaySpeaking of the original painting… When I was searching for a good reproduction I came across this painting (link) from the Indianapolis Museum of Art. At first I thought it to be a clearer photograph of the other, housed in the Pitti Palace (in Florence), but upon closer inspection it’s a completely different painting. A lot of the differences are subtle (likely to be overlooked if only casually viewing), but the big changes such as the lower hand and the contour of the upper wing obviously can’t be attributed to different lighting. Plus, if you have any experience with Caravaggio, the paint handling just doesn’t feel right. But– I don’t pretend to know better than the museum housing it (they attribute it to Caravaggio and date it about ten years before the other one). It’s a curiosity. For what it’s worth, I think the location solves the mystery; I don’t mean to be unpatriotic but seeing that one is housed in Italy, and the other in Indiana, the Italian version somehow seems authentic by default.

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