Trompe L’oeil with Caravaggio

Here’s a look at the finished Caravaggio Trompe L’oeil painting. (I’ll update with a better image once it’s varnished.) You can read more about this painting in previous posts here and here. This is the first in a series of work and as such I learned a lot while painting which will benefit the rest of the series. There are some discrepancies in the copy, and a couple issues relating to value compression, but overall I think it’s a fine painting and I’m happy with it. Hopefully those discrepancies are only apparent while making a direct comparison to the original.

The remaining work in this series, including a large Rembrandt print of The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp use measured drawings to ensure a more accurate copy.

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  1. 4:45 pm, June 7, 2011Robert Walker  / Reply


    I think you’ve done an amazing job on this, well done man. I’m constantly brought back to the quality of the renaissance stuff and can’t stop looking at it. was fortunate to go to Rome last year and saw a lot of his stuff in the Galleria Borghese… also got Florence coming up in August so will take in some Caravaggios, etc. I bought Taschen’s Caravaggio (25 years not the massive one) and was especially taken by Entombment + Crux of St Peter but lots of other great stuff too. I admire you tackling this it looks very accurate + the trompe l’oeil ‘photo’ is just magic. Well done mate


    • 7:05 pm, June 7, 2011thomas  / Reply

      Thank you Robert I appreciate the feedback. I’m jealous of your travels… Sadly, I haven’t seen any of these in person. I own that big Caravaggio book — which I recommend (though I can’t comment on the accuracy of the reproductions as I can only compare them to other books, not the originals).

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