Self Portrait (cont.) 13th sitting (2)

Here’s another update… I’m still considering this the 13th sitting, just after a little break.

I’m working on a large trompe l’oeil painting of a Rembrandt painting (no, that’s not a riddle) and have been studying Rembrandt very closely lately. Confident mark making is one of my main points of study and I’m trying to implement some of that here. I’m also trying not to compare my work directly to Rembrandt, as I already have enough problems getting out of bed in the morning, but I think the study has been very productive.

Comparing this image to the previous one, you can see that I’m still refining details and working with opaque color. Once a satisfactory level of finish is achieved in this fashion, I’ll step back to evaluate the whole and use glazes and scumbles to make any necessary corrections. But… that’s a few sittings off; there’s still lots more to do here.

Click the thumbnail for a high-res image (290kb).

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