Self Portrait (cont.) 13th sitting

This photo is from the 13th sitting. Thirteen seems like a lot, but it’s moving quickly now. Part of the reason this painting has taken so long is the number of changes I made in the beginning. So… I’m not really as slow as I seem, I’m just really indecisive… especially in the beginning. I have a little project planned to help me overcome this (more on that later). Since the composition and drawing is pretty sound at this point, real painting is taking place (I’d call most of the stuff from before ‘drawing’ instead of ‘painting’). While the surface is wet, it’s very difficult to photograph. The best way to show the color accurately at this point is to use the flash and take the picture at an angle (hence the distortion in this image). As a bonus, paint texture reads very well this way– which is a quality of painting that is lost in most reproductions, sadly. Click the thumbnail for a high-res image (700kb).

In other news… I purchased a new palette from Green & Stone in London. It’s beautiful and functions very well. My only complaint is, as with all mass produced palettes, I find the thumb hole far too small. I enlarged mine already– but with use I’ve discovered that I need it to be even larger. Even so– If you’re in the market for a new palette, I recommend it. Mine is the ‘Diaz’ palette No. 1, it’s lead-balanced and double-stacked at the bottom. I also ordered a couple of their small oval palettes… which were shipped separately and are currently lost in the mail. The man at the post office ensures me that they’re here somewhere, he just can’t locate the package. I’ve got my fingers crossed. (My crossed fingers may be another reason I needed to make the thumb-hole bigger… Did you know I’m also a comedian?)

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  1. 5:18 pm, June 26, 2011Ariel  / Reply

    Wow, great portrait Thomas!
    I really like the brushwork and texture you are achieving here…
    Are you scrapping? Did you charge your brush with a lot of paint or is just a layer after the other? I’m not very happy with my latest portrait because I have a tendency to smoothing everything too much, to lose my brushmarks. I love to try something like this.
    Thanks for share! beautiful work.

    • 6:36 pm, June 26, 2011thomas  / Reply

      Hi Ariel- Nice to run into you away from RP!
      To answer your questions: Yes, I am scraping a little (though mostly just when I’m not happy with something- granted, in this painting that has been pretty frequent). As for loading the brush, it’s both. I’m trying to use some bold strokes of color and leave them alone but I also have a tendency to paint in very thin layers and move the paint around a lot on the canvas. It’s thick enough that the paint covers the canvas’ texture, but relatively thin compared to a lot of other folks.
      I have been very busy with a lot of other work but I’ll try to get an updated image of this one posted soon.

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