[as-yet] Untitled collaborative exhibition

We’re doing a little online exhibition, for those who haven’t heard yet. Similar to the famous Object Project of yesteryear, and “In Common” which we did in Portland with Pulliam Gallery a few years ago.

The theme is as follows:
SQUARE FORMAT painting project for anyone interested in participating:

Pictures shall include the following objects:
1. Glass
2. Metal
3. Something organic

Deadline is June 1st, 2016.

Artists may complete multiple paintings at any size desired. The goal for the show is a physical exhibition at the end if we can find a suitable venue. Keep shipping in mind when choosing a size.

The only limitation is that they must be paintings in a square format (12×12 inches for example), which contain the aforementioned three objects. The paintings are not limited to still life, nor are they limited to those three objects alone. Interpretation is key.

I’m working on the prospectus and the first painting, which aims to throw a little curve-ball to get the creative juices going (if you’ll pardon a corny expression). More soon-

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