A Self Portrait

Here is a look at tonight’s progress on my recent self portrait. I’m still figuring out the composition, as you can see with the three different mahl stick heights–of which I’ve settled on the highest (I think). The gesture of the hand is a bit of an homage to Egon Schiele, who was largely responsible for my initial interest in painting. Awkward or unusual hand gestures–especially the outstretched pinky finger– were a kind of trademark in his work.

For this painting I’m using the same palette as that of the Caravaggio, which I’m really rather enjoying. And that red shirt I’m wearing… That’s the wonderful Winter Silence Nightshirt by J. Peterman. It’s a fun piece of clothing (which fetches some strange looks when worn out to the mailbox).

Also, I’ve put together a step-by-step animation of this painting to date. I’ll add additional sittings as it progresses. Seeing it this way, I noticed I lost a bit of likeness from the 3rd to 4th sitting. Not to worry though, I’ll get it back.

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